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Complacent doesn't have to be positive...

I haven't posted in a while, and while I don't think I'll ever refer back to any of my posts to remind myself of my own trials and tribulations (or spots of immense joy for that matter), I'm posting anyway.

I may have a place to live in California. It will be on campus, and it will be the smallest space I've ever had to live in, but I have a place to live. And my job/assistanceship have not dried up, so I can afford to go.

I'm kinda bummed that I won't see anyone I know from the East Coast for awhile. I know I'll be back in town in March for a wedding, but after that I don't know.

My folks are talking about moving to Florida, so I may not even have a place to come back to in NC.
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Well, it would actually be smaller than CV, and more expensive!

Completely unrelated... UCR is getting a med school. If you haven't managed to get in elsewhere over the next 4 years maybe I can pull strings to get somebody to let you in there when it opens.
California is a very awesome place. I have been there a few times this year (my mom is living in AZ now, right at the border with CA)

Wish you the best of luck. I'm sorry I haven't kept more in touch than I have...
I enjoyed the weekend I spent there back in March when I visited the campus. I didn't realize your mom had moved.

Are you still living in King now or did you move to SC for that animation program you had talked about?
Yeah, she moved in February. She loves it (the desert really is an awesome place, yo). She's back in town right now for a while, but she'll be going back soon.

Yeah, I'm still stuck in King...working and saving as much money as I can so I can finish college. The animation thing will probably never happen, but hey, I'll get into some decent profession eventually.
I'm sure you will. How much do you lack of finishing?
How much do you lack of finishing?

*sigh* More than I care to admit. Enough to make me feel like a complete idiot.

I've been looking at potential careers in network security and maintenance, though. There are interesting jobs out there for some fields, and I'd love anything that takes me from here.

Are you in NC right now, or have you already moved?
I'm still in NC. Probably until the end of August.

You should call me sometime. I still have the same number.
I, regretfully, no longer have your number (I'm horrible with keeping up with stuff like that... if I didn't have a cell phone with numbers in it I wouldn't even be able to keep up with my own family)

I wouldn't mind talking/seeing you before you skip town, if you have any time to spare. It's amazing how much time we let pass by without seeing our friends. Life has a way of doing that, I guess. I'll PM you with my email address and cell number.
wow, you'll be the second persoN I know who's gone from NC to CA. Which part of California are you moving to? Maybe you'll be near my friend Thomas?
I'm moving to Riverside, outside of LA. And apparently PSP is thinking about start a chapter there and at UC-San Diego. Woot!

Where does your friend live?