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I can't listen to Les Miserables without tearing up. It always gets me. 3 years after the first time I actually bothered to listen to it, I find it to be just as powerful.

That said, I've been thinking about writting a musical of my own.

The whole premise is based around a self-rightuous guy that is nausiating in his self-rightuousness. His name is Byron Goodley, and he "is a goodly man." As he goes around doing self-appointed good, a demon notices Byron. Seeing the chance for some fun, the demon whispers secrets and small snipits of the future to Byron. He finally convinces Byron that he is in fact Satan.

Byron, initially skeptical, finally concedes that he is the embodiment of the prince of darkness. Thus he sets out on his quest to rule the world. Meanwhile, the real devil takes note of Byron and his massive group of followers. Finally he and his hellspawn rise against Byron and his followers.

After a climactic battle, Satan realizes that Byron has merely been tricked by one of his own demons, and leaves Byron to bear witness to the carnage that he inadvertently caused.
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